🥭 As per circular no 11 issued today I.e. 21-6-21, the deductor can verify from income tax portal about its vendor’s status of filing tax return in preceding 2 years.

🌴 Further it has been clarified that preceding 2 previous years for FY 2021-22 shall mean
👉 FY 2018-19 and
👉 FY 2019-20.

🍓 The name of specified persons who have not filed tax returns uploaded at the beginning of the year by CBDT will be valid for the entire FY as no further addition will be made to this list.
🌱However deletion will be done by CBDT in case any specified person in the list files its tax return.

🍍 This will now make compliance of Section 206AB and 206CCA much easier as it will be one time exercise of verification in the beginning of the year of all vendors.

No need now to obtain any declaration from the Vendors.

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