A Japanese industrial conglomerate is looking for investing US$5M-US$20M for majority stake


Requirement by a Japanese investor towards target in Asia 

Preferable Country: Myanmar, Vietnam and India…

Main 3 products of Acquirer :
(1)Grease, Lubricant Oil for car fixing / food factory
(2)Fuel Oil Additive for Power Plant, Oil Gas Business
(3)Filing chemical products (in form of Liquid or Gas) into aerosol spray can for industrial usage

Target Profile :
(1) A Company which involves R&D, Manufacturer and distribution of chemical products ( Particularly good at know-how of filing chemical products into Aero spray can for industrial usage )


(2) A Company which can owns distribution channel of being able to stock and sell main 3 products of Acquirer to industrial customers

Budget : US$5M-US$20M

Preferable Investment % : Majority (More than 51%)

Source =Indian MD of an Investment banking firm in Japan

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