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Investment available for Schools in India.

Our Investors are looking at building a portfolio of K12 schools and Educational Institutes on pan India basis.
1.      The investors would not buy operations or the management of the schools. They would acquire only the School infrastructure, viz. Land and Buildings.

       They will do buy and lease back agreements with credible K12 operators running established schools. Deal valuations would be rental yield driven.

2.      Looking at CBSE, ICSE, IB & IGCSE Boards across India.

3.      Vintage: Minimum of 3 years of operations. Focus will be on the school operators, the growth prospective and additional sources of revenue in the future along with the Infrastructure of the school.

4.       Prefer meeting directly with the school’s management.

5.      Ticket size: INR 50 Crores or more. 

To ascertain if the Institute qualifies to the Investors parameters we will need:
·         Promoter/ Group Profile – Key business activities, other schools asset, etc
      ·         Reason for Exit and End Use of the     money
      ·         Financial Statements for 3 years up to FY21 of the School
      ·         Holding : Whether the school is held in by a Trust or is Privately held.  If school is held in a trust its difficult to acquire the same, as the Trust Act prohibits the sale of property in the name of a trust. 

If there are any schools that would be interested in the sale and subsequent lease back of the School Land and Building, then we would be happy to connect with them

Those interested parties may WhatsApp their details on 91 -98200 88394

Team – Intellex Strategic Consulting Pvt Ltd (India),,,


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