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Hindenburg Report on Adani – What is the credibility of Hindenburg?

The point is will Hindenburg expose the Pharma industry doing day light looting literally trillions that many say have created the problem in the first place. Listen to US congressional hearing who gave all technology for bio-weapons to China, nay even funding it.

Or, the military industrial complex with corruption through Super PACs of politicians and many other ways to literally stealing trillions of taxpayers funds to rich elites in the complex in stupid wars which they incite in the first place. Iraq war alone cost is overall two trillions.

Through selective investigations timed for an outcome these activities are part of toolkits. Many times these are magnifying things are selectively out of proportion using powerful media and social media with AI tools.

By hitting Adani they are expecting two outcomes for 2024. One is funding source of BJP and second to disrupt Indian stock market (sensex) to disenchant the image of Modi for taking Bharat forward.

Soon as Elon Musk bought Twitter they attempted to trash Tesla because they lost a propaganda tool. The whole thing is so perversely orchestrated that they started saying Exxon is more environmentally friendly than Tesla!!

They want Bharat to be a prop against China but never be a threat to Western hegemony. As one activist told me, the concept of Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam, such as giving free vaccines is anti-thesis to plunder of other nations, even their own. They want Bharath to lick from their hands. After Bolsinaro(Brazil), Netanyahu (Israel), Putin (Russia), now their target is Modi 2024.

If we want to understand the elites, remember three ways they operate, (1) deception (2) total ruthlessness (3) efficiency . These are the ingredients of these soulless scoundrels that destroyed lives of billions. They murdered millions from Bharath and Asia, Africa and even South America (read Argentina military junta atrocities few decades ago and Kissinger connection).

From Islamic/Kalisthanis (unrest), Adani (funding source and bring down stock market), using compromised judiciary (Global leadership award to Harvard wokeism parrot Chandrachud (see SITG work), perhaps nation wide strikes paying many crores to union bosses, we are up against a dangerous, ruthless and unscrupulous wrecking force with immense experience for centuries, now formalized using Toolkits and playbooks.

Many who are involved in this game are liberal Jews like Soros including the Hindenburg.,,


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