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Pandemic and Job Market

In the recent days Covid-19 has changed the way of life for many people. The new way of Life style has been changed every one working from home. Digital Economy all over the world, plays a revolutionary role in every ones part of Life and becomes a new Normal.
In this Scenario many folks who lost their job due to pandemic and cost factor towards company. This situation leads to depression in everyone’s mind to tackle the financial obligations. The big companies who are Financially strong should support the society by creating more job opportunities, Instead of trimming the payroll. Payroll is a part of P&L have impact in net profits, human capital were assets of the company.
The companies should have a strong balance sheet and payroll structure to mitigate the unprecedented situation like this Pandemic. Many people lost their lives not because of pandemic ,because of hard to make money. There are people still sitting at the top and making huge money and availing benefits. The Corporates should focus on other benefits costs areas like car facilities, schooling fees, house accommodation, etc
The Corporates were not prepared enough to handle the business continuity and they are struggling to come out of the tough situation by reducing the cost. The present trend is not a good sign across the world especially for India each states has their own set of rules to tackle the pandemic.
The Corporates should start hiring the folks with the respective jurisdictions, then only Employment Opportunities will spike towards the growth path. We could witness that many companies could not able to create revenues, its very hard fact revenue graph is below the margin. They have to invest more in technology unlike earlier days.
We could witness not only the companies, also the professional colleagues like Lawyers, Doctors, Practising Finance, Governance as well impacted by this pandemic.
The way to deal this situation were strong Digitalisation in place by corporates and other Institutions. This pandemic thought us lot of creative opportunities ,However still many of us not able to come out of the tough situation due to Financial constraints and challenges.
This situation will pass on soon and the economy will revive soon once the arrival of medicine into the market. This new way of Life thought us many skills and lapses. We have to stay strong mentally and physically to come out this world wide challenge.
All the job seekers to stay positive and keep apply for the jobs , soon the corporates will start hiring the best talent in the near future.

Disclaimer : Above lines were only opinion of author no recommendations or pointing any anyone.

Name : Suresh Kumar

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