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  1. Investors from India :: Manpower / Staffing / IT STAFFING Business with Ticket Size of INRB70 to 100 Crores. [Target Location India / UK / USA]
  2. Investors from India :: Technical Manpower / Staffing / IT STAFFING Business with Ticket Size of INR 30 to 100 Crores [Target Location India / Middle East]
  3. Investors from India : BPO with 20 mn $ USA clientele Business [Target Location : USA only]
  4. Investors from India : Job Portal / Manpower Hiring Business looking for JV partner at Global Level with open ticket size
  5. Pharma and Chemical Industry Acquisition Or Significant majority stake with Investments up to INR 100 Crores .
  6. Smart Meter Business Private Equity Investments up to INR 50 Crores
  7. Manpower Security Business Acquisition along with PSARA registration up to INR 150 Crores valuation.

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