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Possibilities / aspects of multitasking in each business

Dear Startups (DPIIT or otherwise),

We have often been asked from our employers to be a multitasking person so that more and more activities of business premises may be executed / handled by a single employee. Employers might have thinking on aspect of multitasking because of saving cost by utilizing a single employee into various positions. On the other hand the employees may embellish their qualities by stepping into the shoes of various positions at a single point of time.

I want startup entrepreneurs to apply the same kind of approach to various business opportunities which are already present in their businesses or business of others so that the start-ups may utilize the resources to the maximum possible extent and convert such resources into a profitable segment without infusing too much capital.

Following areas may be treated as business opportunities by our start-ups:

  1. Scientists have already taken initiative to produce multiple crops on same land.
  2. Start-ups can teach to the society how to adopt vertical farming in vegetables and other saleable edible products in our homes, society, parks, gardens, start-ups should identify such areas where vertical farming is possible and try to boost the vertical farming in each locality, area, city and state. This will increase food / vegetable production in lesser areas of land, availability of in house organic foods and also in least cost.
  3. Covid has given a lesson to all of us that online education is possible, start-ups should try to utilize our government and private schools to the maximum possible extent. All government and private schools should be run in multiple shifts, from day to night, even at night also, wherever possible and where students are willing to come at night time. I am sure that there is enormous opportunity in the night online colleges as there are many persons, who are on the regular job in the morning, can take out time to attend online colleges at night. Multiple opening of online schools / colleges may reduce the cost of education which would be good for the society.
  4. It is needless to mention about multiuse of water. We have been witnessing the scarcity of water for the past so many years, start-ups are required to think how to re-use the water in an effective way. Further, reuse of water has to be implemented in least possible cost so that more and more persons may approach to start-ups for their invention.
  5. Start-ups are also required to think the best re-use of waste management. Re-use of multiple waste such as solid waste, organic waste, general waste, hazardous waste, liquid waste are to be considered.

This note has been prepared for awareness of the start-ups who are developing business of others. It is requested to spread this note amongst the start-ups to whom you know for the sake of their awareness, knowledge and opportunities in the business.

If any member of the group is having adverse views, please let me know in personal message without disturbing other members.

Team – Intellex Strategic Consulting Pvt Ltd,,, ,


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